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Membership Requirements and Standards

The Forest Company was created with the objective of providing clients with high standards of performance and solutions promoting their continued business success. Client awareness of basic standards and codes required for inclusion into the network is essential, as is the knowledge of a trustworthy process to rectify any issues.

Therefore, essential requirements and codes of conduct which have been established and must be sanctioned within The Forest Company alliance before any individual member is allowed into the network.

In simple terms, we are an alliance of companies dedicated to competing effectively in the marketplace while simultaneously devoted to providing our customers with progressive, ethical, and successful solutions.

To be part of the alliance, a company is required to:

  • Have been in business for at least two years
  • Have owners/principals that are known to and nominated by other members of the alliance
  • Have a historic record of success and a strong reputation in their field of expertise
  • Possess a strong customer focus
  • Commit to abiding by the Code of Ethics
  • Fulfill all legal and permit requirements associated with their respective businesses
  • Actively pursue customer, safety, and environmental certifications
  • Be committed to the recruitment of product knowledgeable staff into their businesses
  • Be committed to acquiring the necessary training and expertise to remain capable of providing current solutions for their customers

6425 River Road
Delta, British Columbia
Canada V4K 5B9

Telephone: 604.940.1234
Facsimile: 604.940.1236

The Forest Company is an alliance of proven and driven business professionals, dedicated to finding better financial margins for our customers. Our definition of success is providing our customer with these improvements while concurrently maintaining the highest standards and levels of integrity.

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