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General Code of Ethics

All members of are committed to serving their customers with high levels of integrity and providing the level of service to ensure their partnerships with their customers exist for the long term. Towards these objectives, all member companies are committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure clients's interests are paramount.

This general code of ethics essentially attempts to consolidate the
principles by which the member companies have been operating under for the duration of their respective businesses. Each company with the network must commit to this general code of ethics upon nomination to be part of Members of can remove members from the network that are deemed not to be operating to these standards.

General Responsibilities

  • Members shall never knowingly break the law
  • Members shall not engage in any practices deemed unethical or fraudulent
  • Upon discovery of any practices deemed potentially fraudulent or unethical by themselves or their agents, members shall take appropriate actions to rectify the problem
  • Members shall not provide advice to a client known to be, or reasonably suspect to be, fraudulent or illegal
  • Members shall ensure appropriate licenses, permits, and insurance requirements are maintained
  • Members shall collectively advocate and promote practices deemed to be good stewardship of our forest resource

Responsibility to the Client

  • Members shall provide honest, fair, competent, complete, and professional advice to their clients
  • Members will maintain high standards of knowledge in their fields of expertise together with a general commitment towards continual improvement
  • Members shall become aware of the entire scope of the client’s requirements or issues prior to providing their advise on the services required or solutions to be considered
  • Members shall not change client project requirements without client consent
  • Members shall not overstate their personal expertise or exaggerate possible results
  • Members will clearly advise the client when a particular expertise is not satisfactory to the respective needs and will advise on alternative options

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Responsibility to their Profession,
Colleagues and Employees

  • Members shall generally uphold the time-honoured traditions of integrity and dignity in the forest industry
  • Members shall accurately represent their expertise, experiences, qualifications, and performance in relation to the work and services they provide to both their clients and their colleagues
  • Members shall provide opportunities for staff professional development
  • Members shall ensure employees are acknowledge for work performed
  • Members shall ensure appropriate worker’s compensation insurance is maintained as required

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Delta, British Columbia
Canada V4K 5B9

Telephone: 604.940.1234
Facsimile: 604.940.1236

The Forest Company is an alliance of proven and driven business professionals, dedicated to finding better financial margins for our customers. Our definition of success is providing our customer with these improvements while concurrently maintaining the highest standards and levels of integrity.

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